About Rebecca

In 1995, Rebecca left a legal career to backpack around the world to explore her love of people and nature. She found herself living in Bali, Indonesia.

Her journey as a jewelry designer began when she happened upon the tiny village of Celuk, a silversmithing enclave.

A wonderful family of silversmiths welcomed her into their home and graciously shared their knowledge and workmanship.

After leaving Indonesia, her world travels exposed her to a variety of cultures and their unique artistic expression.


Settling in Doha, Qatar, she began to transform her experiences into making jewelry as a hobby, bringing to light her intuitive sense for combining gems with gold and silver expressing each stone’s unique story.

Like the stones she transforms, her passion crystalized into Rebecca Bourke Designs when, as a single mother of two, she launched her line of one-of-a-kind semi-precious designs in  Aspen Co in 2001.

It was in Aspen that her love of people evolved into helping her clients capture their essence in a personally curated jewelry experience. This lead her to begin to design and curate a line of fine jewelry to provide her clients with the unique look they were seeking.


In the fall of 2022 Rebecca launched her new line of jewelry that alchemizes the roots of her one-of-a-kind beginnings with the elegance of fine jewelry. Her new designs meld natural beauty with human artistry.

Rebecca’s custom designs have been seen on numerous T.V. shows and movies. Her jewelry was highlighted for 7 seasons on the award winning television show Scandal, featuring Kerry Washington.

She travels to select cities throughout the U.S. and Europe, sharing her unique designs. During the summer season, you will find Rebecca Bourke Designs in the Roaring Fork Valley, at the Telluride and Crested Butte Farmers' market, or on a beautiful hiking trail in the magical Rocky Mountains!

Today, Rebecca lives outside of Aspen with her 2 children and 3 dogs.