Infinite Unity

On a seemingly normal day back in 2014 I was walking around the lake by my house with a friend- as I’d done countless times before. As we were walking, I began to feel something just wasn’t right, physically.

I had no idea that day would be the start of 5 years of chronic illness, travelling around the country to see countless doctors who couldn’t find what was wrong. The low point was when a team of doctors told me I had 6 weeks to live but no answers as to why.

Fortunately, I had a community of friends to support me. It was one of my friends that lead me to discover what it was I was battling- Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome due to mold toxicity.

This led me to healing myself through a process of brain retraining and emotional clearing. This challenging time began a journey of spiritual healing. On this journey I’ve come to realize a fundamental truth-- we are all one. This is the foundation of Infinite Unity. It was the Unity of my community of friends that helped me through the darkest time of my life.

The focus of IU is to help others by bringing together a community of jewelry artisans to support those who find themselves in their dark night of the soul. Each piece is created for a person or a charity and represents the essence of the light that carries them through their dark times.

On this page we are featuring my designs and the designs of other jewelry artisans who share my passion for healing and supporting those who are on a similar path.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Lamping is an inspiring woman who's beautiful heart radiates compassion and love. She has an incredible gift of treating everyone she encounters with dignity and grace. Family is everything to Sarah, and her greatest dream was to become a mother. Sarah's wish came true and she now has a 17 month old adorable little girl named, Ellis aka "Bear".

In September Sarah was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. Learn more…